Your Summer Must Haves For 2020

I am enjoying this summer as much as I can, pandemic or not, and I have put together a few things that are my favorites that you might find interesting as well. Here are a few of the summer top picks and Must Haves for 2020 that I enjoy and recommend for your Kitchen, beauty and skin care, and other cute stuff:

For the Kitchen:


La Reveuse Personal Size Blender

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I have been integrating Smoothies into my daily meal plan, and this blender has been a game-changer. The main reason for buying this blender was that I needed something simple that required less effort to put together and easy to clean in the mornings, and I was happy with the purchase. Not only is it less than $30, but it is so easy to use, come with 2 Cups with travel lids, and also small enough to fit anywhere on the kitchen counter. The cups make it easy to take anywhere from the house to the car, office, or travel bag. I also use it pretty much to blend anything from juices, shakes, making sauces for different cooking recipes, which I find convenient to use, and so will you. 

COSORI CO130-AO 12-in-1 Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo Convection Roaster

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This, by far, is my favorite summer kitchen tool because of its versatility. When I just heard about air fryers, I wasn’t so sure if it’s something I needed. I had some concerns about safety and health. With some research, air fryers are way better than microwaves due to their conventional cooking method, which involves a heating coil versus the microwave that uses radiation. Also, Air fryers are healthier than cooking on the stove or deep frying because you use less oil, especially when you are preparing a few things like French fries or chicken wings. Another plus, the food is crunchy and doesn’t lose the taste. 

This one caught my eye because you pretty much can use it for anything, be it baking cookies and bagels, toast, making pizza, and dehydrate if you are a beef jerky lover, warming up food, rotisserie, as well as fermenting. It has enough more cooking capacity than other air fryers due to its size and a recipe book included in my purchase. It can totally take the place of the traditional oven and toaster since has a lot of accessories which will meet all your needs.

The few issues I came across were kitchen counter space and getting hot, as in really HOT! So you need a lot of kitchen space for this appliance and need heat resistant kitchen pads while in use, so please keep children away when it is turned on. You should also be mindful of the size of the whole chicken you are purchasing before cooking rotisserie because it doesn’t have as much space to rotate a very hefty chicken.

For Beauty and Skin Care:


Neutrogena Beach Defense Oil-free Body Sunscreen Spray       

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Because Ultraviolet B (UVB) rays from the sun cause skin cancers and, in some cases, accelerate aging. We all need our skins protected. Sun Protection Factor (SPF) measures how efficiently sunscreens protect the skin from the UV rays, and the higher the SPF, the better it is for your skin. For example, SPF 15 stops 93 percent of UVB rays from reaching your skin surface compared to SPF 100 that keeps away 99 percent of the beams. 

This spray has a strength formula with SPF 100 sun protection from any outdoor activity. As a beach lover and also a person who enjoys being outdoors in the summer, I recommend this broad-spectrum sunscreen with higher SPF, especially if it will be outdoors for extended periods. I love the spray mainly because it is oil-free, considering I already have oily skin; it has a fantastic scent, water-resistant, so you can swim while it stays protecting your skin and is not sticky. I use it all day in the summer, not only for the beach but also for barbeque outside, jogging, or just chilling in the backyard. 

Make sure you re-apply every 80 minutes or 2 hours for it to be continually active.

Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40

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Supergoop should be your go-to facial sunscreen because unlike other lotions that leave a taint whitish color on your skin, Supergoop is totally invisible, weightless, scentless, made for all skin types and tones. What makes this product one of my favorites is because it can also be used daily as a primer for your makeup. What more can you ask for? Just make sure you re-apply it every 40 minutes if you intend to be under the sun for long.

ProX by Olay Skin Care Kit

I have oily, sensitive skin, which often breaks out if I use the wrong product, but I must say, my skin has become softer and radiant since I started using this kit. It was a birthday gift from one of my friends a year ago, and I was not sure how effective it would be, but I have been pleased with the results. The kit includes a 2-speed rotating water-resistant facial cleansing brush that uses 2AA batteries and a small 20ml cleanser. The brush is not too rough on my skin, and the Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser leaves my skin refreshed and smooth with NO Breakouts, which is why I love this product. 

I use this twice a week by dumping my face first before I apply the cleanser and then use the Facial Cleansing Brush go to rub in the cleanser that thoroughly cleans as it gently exfoliates the skin. Its’ battery life is great since I have not replaced the 2 AA batteries for over a year now, but the small cleanser lasts only 4 or 5 times of use which I replaced by the bigger 177ml size, so you can choose to use the brush with any other cleanser of your choice.

Other Cute stuff :


Handwoven Handbag

Summer Must have Bag in 2020

This has been my go-to summer minimalist accessory because of the Quality and how it matches the majority of my outfits. The bag has excellent Quality and has enough room with 2 small pockets inside for a phone, lipstick keys, credit /debit card, and sunglasses. It is perfect for a Boho summer look, and would definitely recommend this purse, but be cautious if you’re wearing any delicate fabrics due to its bamboo material.  

Lip treatment Kit

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Definitely a Summer must-have! This set has been ideal due to my dry and peeling lips, especially in the summer and sometimes the winter. I apply the sugar scrub at night 2 or 3 times a week to get rid of any dry surface skin on my lips and lipstick residues. The Lip plumping balm moisturizes them and gives them a fuller feel. 

Applying the Juice infused oil any time of the day provides a glossy look though it is sticky while the overnight lip mask makes the lips feel soft and look moisturized when I wake up in the morning. I would recommend this kit to anyone with similar issues, or if you want to just keep your lips feeling hydrated and soft. I couldn’t find it on Ulta Beauty’s website, but Sephora has an equally great lip set for $25. 

Do you have any Summer Must-Haves? 


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