Mid Year Goals Review

Mid Year Goals Review : The 4 Quick Steps To Achieve Your Goals

Yes, It is that time of the year again for Your mid year goals review. We are in July, and I know, you are at the beach or by the pool, soaking up the sun, hanging out with friends. Life is good! BUT there is a huge cloud of unfinished goals hanging over your head!

A lot of us set goals at the beginning of the year but never find time to check in to see where we stand with them. So, in case you are freaking out because we are halfway through the year and you haven’t achieved most of your goals, No worries! I am here to give you a few tips on how to do the midyear goal review process.

Here are a few things I’ve learned that can help you reach your big goals before year-end;

  • Review your overall goals status
  • Establish new habits
  • Be true to your Core Values
  • Make it fun

Mid Year Goals Review : The 4 Quick Steps To Achieve Your Goals

Start By Reviewing Your Overall Goal Status

The mid-year goals review is a great way to go over and reset your overall goals for the second half of the year.

Earlier this year, you might have set financial goals, work-related or career goals, wellness goals, and so on, depending on your wants and lifestyle. It is important to check in around the middle of the year to reflect on what you accomplished and have yet to achieve.  

Here are a few things I like checking during my mid year goals review

Am I happy?

Being successful is about how things look and feel when you’ve reached your goal. The first thing I do is go back to my goal list and check off everything I have accomplished so far. These are my successes so far that are part of my goals. Then, I get to reflect on how achieving these made me feel? Did I feel happy, or not?

For example, because 2020 was hard on both physical and mental health, one of my goals this year was to save money and take time off, and at least travel to 3 places I haven’t been before, either with friends, family, or my boyfriend, as part of my wellness goals.

I calculated how much I had to put away in a savings account for those trips to happen. It’s July, and I have only gone away visited one place. I took a trip down to Cape Cod in Massachusetts and loved the whole experience.

I felt good about that trip even though I spent a little more than I budgeted, but I returned refreshed and excited about life and work. So since I went over budget with this trip, I settled for one more instead of planning two more trips.

Either way, I am happy that I took that time off to create new memories, and it gave me the motivation to work harder to save more money for other trips down the road. It’s also good to do a mid year goals review on your physical health, spiritual and financial goals.   

What is my financial status at the moment?

One of the biggest goals for most people, including myself, is savings. At the beginning of the year, you determine how much money you want to save as part of your goals and for many reasons.

Some of you will have a kid’s fund, set aside money to buy a home, an emergency fund, and so many more things. Now is the right time to sit and look at how far you are with your financial status. 

Are you saving as much as you said you would? If not, you need to review your budget and look at what you need to adjust. Do you need to find another job to earn some extra income? These are all the questions a mid year goals review should address.

Where am I with the goals I set?

Is this where I should be? Even if you start small and take a day-by-day step, it is also essential to create a vision for your life when you have accomplished the goals.

Establish New Habits

It would help if you worked on every aspect to achieve the rest of your goals by the end of the year.  As I mentioned in this post, your goals must be specific. It would be best if you had the why, the how, and the when.

you’re finding it hard, place notes on your work desk, in your bedroom, or a place where you can see it daily that reminds you why you chose that path and why this process will be worth it in the end.

Sometimes, things change as we go through different stages in life through the year. If new priorities have come up, then establish new habits. For example, you might have been promoted to a managerial position, and it might require you to work longer hours, which ends up taking that time away from going to the gym in the evening.

It does not mean you should put your fitness goals on hold; you might need to wake up 40 minutes earlier than you used to and exercise in the morning instead of the evenings.

New habits are hard to stick to because they require extra effort, which we all try to avoid, but always remind yourself of what’s in stock for you at the end of the process.

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Be True To Your Core Values

Your core values, also known as personal values are your beliefs and guiding principles that shape your daily life. They determine who you are, what upsets you, and what triggers your decisions. 

Core values are rarely discussed, so sometimes we do not know what we want and what we need in life. Instead, we find ourselves choosing goals because of family and friends’ expectations.

I found it to be one of the main reasons we can’t follow through with our goals. Not everyone wants to lose weight, purchase a big house, or even travel more. Some people wish to live a simple life.  

We each have different views on what success means to us. This is why you need to know your values concerning your education, the kind of partner you want to have, the type of work you want to do, how much you feel comfortable earning/ saving.

Values can include; family, commitment, respect, having a work/life balance, honesty, simplicity, kindness, independence, health, creativity, adventure, the list goes on and on. 

So use the mid-year goals review to understand what values are most important to you, which are least significant, and how they fit into your daily life.  Knowing my values has helped me find meaningful relationships, jobs in companies with the same beliefs and principles as I do and has dramatically improved my work-life balance. 

In case you are not sure about your values, there are different self-assessment surveys available online such as the The Big Five Personality Test.

Lastly, Make it FUN!

We all know the process of attaining a goal is challenging, but it should be enjoyable.

At this point in the year, you should know if the goals you set at the start of the year are achievable or not? If the answer is yes, then you already know how much more work you have to put in since you are halfway the process. It is more likely that you have to sacrifice a lot of personal and family time to achieve this goal. It will be a long process, and you will miss out on some exciting things your friends or family are doing, but it doesn’t mean you should be miserable.

It is all about time management. Create a weekly or bi-weekly schedule for work, personal life, or school – if you enrolled in a program and stick to it. This will help you keep organized and have time to balance work and fun.

If you enrolled for an MBA, try to find online classes that run from through Monday through Friday. Complete assignments by Friday night or Saturday so that you have a day or two to relax and socialize.

Also, don’t only celebrate the big wins; celebrate the small victories as well. If you had a spiritual goal of reading your bible daily or attending church service every Sunday, then at the end of each month, schedule brunch after Sunday service with your friends to celebrate your success.

The mid year goals review process helps you to find what motivates you. Understanding the internal reasons for doing something is essential because you enjoy the process , which can even be more fulfilling than the outcome itself. 

I wish you all the best for the rest of Year. May all your hard work turn your dreams and goals into reality!

Don’t forget to EXPLORE AND DREAM BIG!

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  1. I always get overwhelmed when I don’t achieve my goals, mainly because they were quite unrealistic. Thank you for this.

    1. Hi Mufidah

      Most of us do especially when goals are unrealistic. Please try to set what you can and build it up next year

    1. Anastasia,

      You will see a huge difference at the end of year

  2. Great tips, very useful! I always set goals but don’t really have a strategy to really achieve them, so this is helping! 🙂

    1. You’re Welcome Angie. You definitely need a strategy for you to be able to achieve your goals

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