How to Stay Happy and Healthy During COVID-19 Quarantine

Sunset View from my Backyard

As we all have come to experience, the entire world is kind of on a stand-still and most countries have been on lock down for the past couple of weeks or months.  If you are in the United States, different states have different guidelines on when everything will be up and running again. As for where I am in the Tri-State area, it’s now been 8 weeks since the implementation of a statewide “stay at home” due to the Corona virus pandemic.

Feeling anxious, depressed and loneliness is having real negative effects on a lot of us and rather than feel discouraged, we are all supporting each other to adapt and make the best of life. With a little creativity, and mindfulness, we can find premeditated ways to try to be happy and healthy while isolating ourselves from those we love. Here are some things I am exploiting while weathering this pandemic from home.

Stay Informed Without Experiencing Media Burnout

The biggest thing right now having as much information as possible about COVID-19 and how to stay health but if listening to news on the radio or watching TV is bracing you for blood pressure-spiking headlines then it is time to reevaluate your media habits. I want to stay informed but watching the news 247 is unhealthy to some of us and a straight down road to unhappiness.

So when the news become overpowering, I do not feel guilty about turning off the TV, or putting down the phone and entertain myself elsewhere. Read some of your favorite books, engage in what you love cooking, start on DIY projects around the house you have been putting off, or just sit in the backyard and breathe in some fresh air.

Eat Healthy

Usually with busy schedules we tend to cook less, order out more or just pick up a Burger and Fries from Wendy’s but now that majority of the restaurants are shut down,  I have found  time to indulge in better healthy eating habits by keeping up with daily Fruit and Vegetable intake (mainly frozen since our trips to the store markets have been limited), taking my Vitamins (Vitamin C is great for fighting colds and Zinc is amazingly good for boosting the immune system), and drinking herbal tea.

So,It is NOW time to dust off the dirt from that recipe book your grandmother gave you, or watch YouTube videos as I have, for recipes. I also found it practical to use the few fresh vegetables I have, to cook large batches of soups that last longer and provide meal options for a few days. The goal is to simplify cooking with few ingredients while focusing on foods that will ensure that our health and immunity are enhanced.

Stay Motivated and Exercise

Honestly, hands down to everyone out there who is still going hard with their fitness work-outs, because I have not had the same energy and motivation since the lock down started. Outside walks or Jogs haven’t been “my thing” but I do get out of the house daily as well as do short minute exercises (7-20 minutes) for at-least 5 days a week. I downloaded on my phone a  Free app  Weight Loss in 30 Days – Weight Lose For Women  that has a perfect 30 Day exercise plan to boost cardio and weight loss. I also purchased an affordable Stationary bike Nautilus U616 Upright Bike on Amazon that I placed in my living room, for a wide range of workout intensity options.

Yoga is another form of exercise that can help you lower stress and anxiety during this rough time. For more benefits on Yoga please visit

Keep In Touch With Your Inner Circle

Zoom  Videos, WhatsApp, Google hangouts, have been my-go-to apps for keeping in touch with my  friends, workmates, family and everyone else I miss spending time. Just hearing their voices and seeing their faces keeps me sane and lets me know the love and friendship still exists and will survive the Pandemic.

Sleep Enough

Bars and restaurants are closed so why not have as much sleep as our bodies need? According to an article written by  Lisa Medalie, PsyD, DBSM (Behavioral sleep medicine specialist at the University of Chicago Medicine), sleep supports the immune system, which reduces the risk of infection and can improve outcomes for people fighting a virus. On the other hand, sleep deprivation weakens the body’s defense system and makes people more vulnerable to contracting a virus.

Treat Yourself

Being that Gyms are no longer accessible, a part of me doesn’t really care how about dieting or how I look at the moment, surviving through this terrible period is all we care much about. So on some nights, I will sit in the backyard, as I enjoy a glass or two of wine, maybe some Ice Cream, or whatever I am craving at the moment. So let’s take time to have fun and enjoy the peace and quiet while we can.

Keep a Structure

I have been lucky to have the opportunity of working from home, so I am pretty much occupied from 8am through 5pm. This has helped me feel structured but for others who lost their jobs and are not working, try to structure your day (set specific times for waking up, when to have your meals, a workout plan) and other activities that feed your soul.

Enjoy this peace and quiet and focus on your personal growth. There is little we can control and as much as it terrifies me thinking about tomorrow or next month, I am taking time to relax, watching the sun rise and beautiful sunsets, enjoying the breeze of nature and appreciating the important things like my parents, siblings, friends and that fact that I still have a job. I am also writing down goals as wells projects I would love to do, as I look forward to a time when this will be in the past.

Be Well, Stay Safe, Create your Happy space and Stay Healthy~

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